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Plusnet sale: £50 cashback on £18.99 broadband, fibre deals

£50 cashback on £18.99 Plusnet broadband, fibre deals

Plusnet has a five-day flash sale right now, adding a cheeky £50 cashback to its cheapest broadband deals.

Plusnet has lowered its Unlimited Broadband offering to £18.99 a month.

For that you get broadband speeds up to 17Mbps on an extra-short 12 month deal.

With no setup fees or even postage to pay, it’s one of the cheapest broadband deals out there.

Plusnet are the fifth best-rated ISP in the UK for customer service.

Normally ISPs don’t giveaway big chunks of free cash on their lowest-priced broadband.

But if your contract is coming to an end and you’re looking to switch with a nice bonus you could be onto a winner here.

Plusnet 12 month Unlimited Broadband deals

Plusnet 12 month Unlimited Fibre deals

Also getting the £50 bonus are Plusnet’s short 12 month fibre and calls bundles.

Plusnet’s 38Mbps Unlimited Fibre is up for grabs with the free cashback too.

These deals close at midnight on 27 March 2018.

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