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£75 Amazon Gift Card with Plusnet broadband

£75 Amazon Gift Card with Plusnet broadband

Wednesday, 25 October, 2017

Here’s a short-term offer you’ll want to take a gander at: a £75 Amazon Gift Card with Plusnet 17Mbps standard broadband.

Now, it’s only available until 31 October so you’ll have to be quick.

There’s three flavours of deal on offer – Plusnet broadband on its own for £22.50 a month, broadband with Evening and Weekend Calls for £26.50 a month, and broadband with Anytime Calls for £30.50 a month.

There’s a £10 activation fee to be paid up front, and you’ll be in contract for 18 months.

Plusnet took fifth place in the most recent Which? Best Broadband 2017 awards.

The Yorkshire brand was praised for its helpful customer service, reliability and value.

Just be aware. This isn’t fibre broadband so you’re not getting the fastest speeds on the market.

However if you’re not a Netflix addict, or there aren’t multiple laptops, tablets and phones in the house sharing the connection then these speeds will work for you.

Good for

  • One or two home devices connected to the internet
  • Light users
  • Checking email and Facebook

What you get

  • Standard broadband speed of up to 17Mbps
  • Free wireless router
  • £75 Amazon Gift Card
  1. This deal has changed or is no longer available.

    Setup costs £0 £0 (inc. new line)
  1. This deal has changed or is no longer available.

    Setup costs £0 £0 (inc. new line)

How to claim your £75 Amazon Gift Card

  • You’ll receive an email from Plusnet with 10 working days, sent to the address you give when you sign up.
  • Open the email and click on the link. It’ll take you to an online form where you can fill in your details and hit ‘Submit’. The next screen will confirm that your card is on its way.
  • The email link is valid for two months from the date it was sent.
  • Once you have your card you can start spending straight away and there are no limits on what it can be spent on.
  • You should get your Amazon Gift Card within 30 days of getting confirmation that it’s on its way.
  • Amazon Gift Cards are valid for 10 years from the date they were issued, so you don’t need to worry about spending it straight away if you don’t want to.
  • Just be aware that you can only use your Amazon Gift Card on the UK version of the website: It won’t work if you log in to the American site at, or any other country (,

What if I’ve not received my Gift Card?

  • Check your email junk and spam folders.
  • Contact Plusnet direct – you’ll need your account number and username to hand – call 0800 587 2013.
  • More help on Plusnet rewards FAQ here

This deal closes on 31 October 2017.

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