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Plusnet broadband deals: Now with £50 Reward Card

Plusnet broadband deals: Now with £50 Reward Card

Plusnet have paired their lowest monthly prices with a £50 Reward Card for any new customers taking up unlimited standard or fibre broadband.

Each deal is available on a 12 month contract, but it only lasts until 10 October 2017 so if you’re thinking of switching to Plusnet, now’s the time.

Plusnet took fifth place in the most recent Which? Best Broadband 2017 awards.

The Yorkshire brand was praised for its helpful customer service, broadband speed reliability and value.

Plusnet extras like this are normally few and far between.

Unlike parent company BT, they don’t tend to offer free-spending Reward Cards, so this represents the best Plusnet deal you can find right now.

The £50 Reward Card is a pre-paid card you can use to buy items online or in any store that accepts Mastercard.

It’s included in Plusnet’s standard speed deals (up to 17Mbps)

  • Plusnet Unlimited Broadband Only at £19.99 a month
  • Plusnet Unlimited Broadband with Evening and Weekend Calls at £23.99 a month
  • Plusnet Unlimited Broabband with Anytime Calls at £27.99 a month

And in Plusnet’s up to 38Mbps fibre deals

  • Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Only at £24.99 a month
  • Plusnet Unlimited Fibre with Evening and Weekend Calls at £28.99 a month
  • Plusnet Unlimited Fibre with Anytime Calls at £32.99 a month

How to get your Plusnet Reward Card & how to use it

  • To claim your £50 Reward Card open the email sent to you from Plusnet and click on the link. This email usually arrives within 10 working days of your broadband being up and running and is valid for two months. The link takes you to an online form where you fill in your details and click ‘Submit’.
  • Your Plusnet Reward Card will arrive in the post within 30 days.
  • You’ll get an activation email from info@cardholdersvs.com with instructions on how to activate the card online. You can’t start spending until the card is activated. If you can’t find or don’t get the email, head over to www.purecard.com and ask for a new link to be sent. You will be able to see your PIN once you have completed the activation process.
  • You can spend the £50 online and in any high street shops that take Mastercard. It can’t be used to withdraw cash from an ATM, for cashback at the till or to change foreign money.
  • If you have claimed online and your card hasn’t arrived within 30 days, or isn’t working, contact the Plusnet Reward Card Service team on 0800 587 1995 or email info@cardholdersvs.com.
  • The Plusnet Reward Card is valid for 12 months from the date it was activated. If you don’t spend the credit in this time it is lost. There is an expiry date on the front of the card.

This deal expires on 10 October 2017.


Tom is a tech journalist and Editor at BroadbandDeals.co.uk.
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