Direct Save bring massive cuts to broadband prices

Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

Now the cheapest broadband provider in the UK, Budget ISP Direct Save cuts prices across their entire range of broadband and fibre deals.

All the Black Friday broadband sales buzz has faded away, and the prices of the major ISPs have shot back up to their normal rates. It seems like Direct Save has waited out the competition to announce a seemingly permanent cut to the cost of their deals.

DirectSave now takes the number one spot for ‘cheapest UK broadband’ with their Unlimited Broadband package, available for just £16.95 a month. Check out the offer in detail below.

  1. This deal has changed or is no longer available.

    Set-up costs £0 £0 (inc. new line)

    No mid-contract price increases.

It’s worth noting that much of Direct Save’s promotional material boasts of £1.95 broadband, which is more than a little misleading. Line Rental costs are a requirement, and slap an extra £14.95 a month onto the price tag. However, this can be discounted if line rental is paid up front for the year (for £120).

ISPs love to fiddle with the numbers, either offering suspiciously cheap ‘broadband’ with a hefty line rental, or bragging of free line rental, when that cost is really just shifted onto the broadband instead.

Our listings simplify all the hidden costs into a single price, so the numbers you see here are what’s really on offer.

The good news is that even better savings can be had with Direct Save’s fibre deals, which have been heavily discounted for this new wave of offers.

Fibre broadband is becoming more and more affordable, and these kinds of prices make it very competitive with standard ADSL broadband from many ISPs. If you’re in an area that can get fibre, and you’re still living with ADSL, now is a seriously good time to consider switching.

You can see the full range of Direct Save broadband deals here, or check out the deals directly from the links in this article.

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