Vodafone Reviews & Ratings

We have reviews and ratings from 26 verified customers of Vodafone broadband.

We surveyed new customers 60 to 120 days after switching to Vodafone - here's what they told us:

  • Switch didn’t go too well - had to take 2 days off work. They told me a engineer was coming on one of the days but no one turned up. However, very happy with speed and the price I pay and happy with switch after all completed.

    Overall Satisfaction: 7/10

  • The switch went well. The service is good. The deal is good value for money. I'm happy with my choice.

    Overall Satisfaction: 8/10

  • No problems with switch. Much improved service and good all round deal. Instead of paying a fiver less for a poor service, mine is now excellent. Very happy with Vodaphone.

    Overall Satisfaction: 9/10

Avg. 7.8/10

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26 Reviews

Satisfaction and Value for Money

  • The customers we asked said they saved on average £6.6 per month by switching to Vodafone broadband.
  • Users gave Vodafone 7.8/10 for overall satisfaction, and rated them 8.3/10 on value for money.
  • When asked why they chose Vodafone broadband, 54% said that they offered the most cost effective deal at the time.
  • Other reasons customers cited were: broadband speed (35%), the provider's reputation (12%).

Switching and Initial Setup

  • On average, the customers we surveyed gave Vodafone a rating of 8.2/10 for handling their broadband switch.
  • Most customers reported that it took 2-4 weeks from placing an order with Vodafone until their new broadband was up and running.
  • 15% of new Vodafone users had to have a new phone line or cable installed.
  • To get set up, 38% required a home visit from an engineer, with 12% needing repeat visits.
  • 15% of customers surveyed told us they needed a router upgrade and 4% required additional wifi signal boosters.

Broadband Speed & Reliability

  • For broadband speed, customers rated Vodafone 7.2/10 on average.
  • Users gave them 7.7/10 for the reliability of their broadband connection.
  • 8% of people experienced issues with intermittent downtime, with 4% saying their broadband was down persistently.
  • 12% of respondents told us they had a slow connection at least some of the time.
  • 4% said they had a poor wifi signal in some parts of their home.

Everything you need to know about Vodafone

Vodafone have been around since 1991 and are one of the country’s biggest companies.

They are best known for the mobile side of their business. Along with EE, O2 and Three, Vodafone are one of the UK’s Big Four mobile networks, and power SIM Only MNVOs like TalkTalk Mobile and Lebara Mobile.

Vodafone bought the most 4G spectrum and now own about a third of the UK’s airwaves for 4G.

Their head offices are in London.

Vodafone have ripped up the rule book in 2017 with broadband pricing. They’ve set the fibre arena alight with a £20 a month deal eclipsing every other provider for speeds up to 38Mbps.

Most Vodafone deals come with no set-up costs, unlimited data, free line rental, free postage and packaging and a free wireless router.

What can you get with Vodafone?

ADSL broadband

At speeds up to 17Mbps, Vodafone start at £25 a month for 18 months.


Yes. You can get Evening and Weekend Calls added on for £4 a month, or for £8 extra a month you can get free Anytime Calls.


Existing Vodafone mobile customers can get a discount if they pick up home broadband too. There’s >SIM Only deals galore with Vodafone on our sister site SIMOnlyDeals.co.uk

Fibre broadband

Vodafone’s 38Mbps and 76Mbps is the cheapest fibre broadband around.


If you must have TV bundled in, it won’t be with Vodafone as there are no add-on TV offers here.

Business broadband

Vodafone offer a competitive range of Business packages for Small to Medium Business enterprises which also included the minimum speed guarantee that is offered to their domestic users.

Why choose Vodafone?

Vodafone are a household name for mobile and while their ADSL is reasonably priced, as of September 2017 they have the best fibre broadband deal you can get. Coverage isn’t always the best, so check if it’s definitely available and well-rated in your area before you consider them.