Everything you need to know about Shell Energy Broadband

Shell Energy was born out of Shell’s acquisition of First Utility in 2018, First Utility were one of the largest challengers to the big energy suppliers with a heritage of suppying great value energy and broadband to homes across Britain which Shell Energy intends to build upon.

Shell Energy believe that Home Energy and fast, reliable broadband matters and they combine good value broadband packages at a discount to their energy customers who enjoy the peace-of-mind provided by knowing that their home electricity is being provided by 100% renewable sources.

All of Shell Energy Broadband’s deals come with unlimited downloads.

Unlike other ISPs like Sky, BT and TalkTalk, they also promise not to hike up prices at the end of the minimum 18 month term.

What can you get with Shell Energy?

ADSL broadband

Shell Energy Broadband offer ADSL broadband with speeds up to 17Mbps with an average peak time speed of 11Mbps. Contracts are for 18 months and start at just £19.99 a month, £17.99 a month if you are an existing Shell Energy customer.


First Utility offer two types of Calls packages with their broadband. Evening and Weekend Calls which costs £4 a month, while adding Anytime Calls adds £8 a month to your bill.
Both of these packages give you free local and national calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers and also free calls to standard UK mobile numnbers as well. For customers without any calls added to their monthly deal, calls to landlines and mobiles cost 13p per minute, with a setup fee of 20p per call.


There are no mobile calls packages available through Shell Energy Broadband as these are included within their standard call packages.

Fibre broadband

First Utility offer two kinds of fibre broadband where it is available: up to 38Mbps (average peak time speed up to 35Mbps) and up to 76Mbps with an average peak time speed of 63Mbps .


Shell Energy Broadband do not have any TV packages bundled in with their broadband.

Business broadband

There are currently no Shell Energy Broadband business deals on offer.

Why choose Shell Energy Broadband?

Shell Energy Broadband want to build on the reputation that First Utility created and their straightforward pricing and competitive deals make them an attractive option even when considered without the renewable energy and fuel discounts available to their customers.