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Five best student broadband deals on the market

Sky broadband Reward Cards pumped up to £75

Buy a Sky broadband and calls package this March and you’ll get an increased broadband reward card of £75.

Until 29 March Sky are offering a prepaid Mastercard worth up to £75 for anyone taking Sky home broadband.

You can spend this cashback on anything you like, anywhere that accepts Mastercards, for example for online shopping or in your local supermarket.

On top of any of these deals you can add Sky TV with the Sky Q box from £20 a month, and this set-top box lets you pause, record and rewind live TV. Sky Box Sets start from £5 a month while Sky Cinema comes in at £10 a month for the latest big film releases and exclusives.

Upgrading the the Sky Q Multiscreen lets you watch Sky channels on multiple devices throughout your home, as well as remotely saving recordings while you’re out and about.

The easy way to a free £75

The cheapest package available is the £20 a month Sky Broadband Unlimited which gets you standard speed broadband with to up to 17Mbps downloads, line rental and Sky Talk included.

That’s on a 12 month contract with a £9.95 installation fee.

The cheapest Sky Talk calls bundle offers pay as you go calls, but if you still use your landline you can add evening and weekend calls for £4 a month, or an anytime, all-inclusive calls bundle for £8 a month. You get caller display and automatic number withholding as standard.

    Watch out: Limited or unlimited?

    While you can get into Sky Fibre starting at £21 a month, saving cash by choosing a data-limited deal is a false economy.

    Sky are one of the only major broadband suppliers to sell data-limited deals.

    If you choose one of these, this means your account only has 12GB or 25GB to play with every month. You’ll see this noted as a red label in our comparison tables.

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      These limited deals get you into the Sky universe for cheaper but if you’re a downloader, gamer or you love watching boxsets, data-limited deals are not your friend.

      A family of four all watching catchup TV – especially if you watch in HD – can easily get through 100GB of broadband data in a month. There are stiff penalties if you buy into a Sky limited deal and go over your 12GB or 25GB limit.

      Our advice? Always choose an unlimited broadband deal to save any potential headaches when you reach month-end with a bigger bill than you expected.

      Here at BroadbandDeals.co.uk we will always tell you when a cheap deal has data limits you should know about – in our opinion it’s not worth it in the long run.

      Sky Unlimited Fibre

      If you need something a little speedier, Sky’s Fibre Unlimited offers download speeds up to 38Mbps which will suit households with more than two people using the internet at once, especially if you have online gamers or Netflix boxset bingers in the house.

      Sky Fibre Unlimited starts at £30 a month on an 18 month contract including line rental, Sky Broadband Shield and Sky Talk. There is a £59.95 installation fee to take note of, which will come out of your first month’s bill.

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      You only have until Thursday 8 March to take up Sky Fibre and still get your £75 Reward Card.

      Get fast fibre or get out without paying

      Sky’s fastest broadband, Fibre Max, starts at £35 a month on an 18 month contract. This deal promises speeds of up to 76Mbps – the fastest on the market for Fibre to the Cabinet – and there’s a speed guarantee you should know you have.

      It’s worth being vigilant and checking your speeds because if the speed of your Fibre Max connection dips below 55Mbps, Sky will offer you money off your bill or an early exit from your contract without you having to pay termination fees.

        Sky fibre deals with a £75 Reward Card close at midnight on Thursday 8 March, while Sky Broadband Unlimited with the £75 card included is available until midnight on 29 March.

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        Claiming your £75 Sky prepaid Mastercard

        • Sign in to the Sky Reward Claim page with your Sky ID. For help to find your Sky ID go here
        • You’ve got 90 days from your broadband activation date to claim
        • Watch out for the 12 month limit – any unspent money on the card will expire after a year, so get spending!

        Sky not for you? Find the fastest and cheapest broadband deals near you just by putting your postcode in the box

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