Big Savings on TalkTalk Black Friday Deals

Wednesday, 7 November, 2018

Black Friday comes early for broadband shoppers with a platter of discounts from ISP TalkTalk.

Up until November 29, new customers can enjoy discounts as high as 50% on their monthly bills. If you’re in the market for standard, fibre, or the full TV and broadband package. TalkTalk’s deals may be well worth your time.

Even better is the ISP’s promise of no mid-contract price rises – so the Black Friday discount will have you set for your entire contract.

Fast Broadband

First up is TalkTalk’s budget option for standard, no-frills broadband.

Fast Broadband is an unlimited plan at a standard 11 mbps. Setup costs are completely free, and include TalkTalk’s Super Router to get you up and running. With a nice Black Friday Discount piled on top, TalkTalk boast of customers saving over £140 when compared to BT’s similar offering.

Faster Fibre

Customers looking for a fibre connection are covered as well, with big discounts on Faster Fibre packages.

30% discounts on the fast 36 mbps package, and even faster 63 mbps option, makes TalkTalk a super-cheap ISP for fibre broadband. All Faster Fibre packages include the new TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub, with its upgraded Wi-Fi range and signal.

TalkTalk fibre packages also include a 30 day ‘Great Connection’ guarantee, meaning you can freely leave within your first month if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

TalkTalk TV

Last up are the big discounts to TalkTalk’s range of TV packages, available with all types of broadband bundle.

These are just a handful of the TV packages available from TalkTalk, with more options to include Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and other premium channels like Fox and MTV.

TV packages also include a TalkTalk TV Plus Box, letting customers record, pause, and rewind live TV.

So head over to our TalkTalk listings to see the full range of Black Friday deals. And remember that these offers only apply until November 29.

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Samuel Newman is a consumer journalist and blogger based in Sheffield.