BT slash prices with Black Friday deals

BT slash prices with Black Friday deals

Monday, 19 November, 2018

As Black Friday draws closer, even more ISPs are piling on the savings. BT is the latest to join in, offering big discounts across their entire range of packages.

Unlimited fibre, unlimited broadband, customised TV packages, and even mobile deals are up for grabs from November 16 to November 26. It’s a smaller window of deals than we’ve seen from other providers, like TalkTalk, so you’ll need to be quick to grab one of BT’s bargains.

All of BT’s packages come with a standard 18 month contract, so the Black Friday price will keep you set for a good amount of time. Be aware that the monthly bill for some deals will almost double when the minimum-term expires, so remember to switch provider when that time comes.

BT’s broadband deals include free access to the 5 million wifi hotspots they have across the country, keeping your devices connected when you’re out on the go.

But the most notable benefit of switching to BT is their generous reward cards, included with their highest-value packages. BT reward cards are pre-loaded MasterCards ranging between £70 and £140 in credit, to spend in any way you want. They are, by far, the best ‘signing bonus’ you can get with any ISP.

Black Friday BT TV deals include a hefty 50% discount on BT Sport subscriptions. With every match of the UEFA Champions League and 42 Premier League games a season, football fans can pile in a nice saving with their broadband.

Check out a couple of the best BT deals below.

  1. Broadband and Weekend Calls
    This deal has changed or is no longer available.
    £30 reward card

    Broadband and Weekend Calls

    Average* 10Mbps UnlimitedBroadband
    £30 reward card
    Setup costs £29.99 £29.99 (inc. new line)
    • No broadband price rises in 2019
    • Free access to BT WiFi hotspots
    • BT Virus Protect
  2. This deal has changed or is no longer available.

    Setup costs £0 £0 (inc. new line)
  3. This deal has changed or is no longer available.

    Setup costs £0 £0 (inc. new line)

You can see the huge range of BT’s deals over at our listings here.

Again, these offers only last until November 26, so be sure to snap them up while you still can.

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Samuel Newman is a consumer journalist and blogger based in Sheffield.

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