TalkTalk dead last in Which? Best Broadband survey

TalkTalk dead last in Which? Best Broadband survey

Monday, 25 September, 2017

TalkTalk has retained its unwanted spot of 12th and last in the newest Which? best broadband UK survey.

The report by consumer agency Which? found the largest ISPs struggle, with BT, Sky and TalkTalk each failing to make more than half of their customers happy.

Virgin Media scored the best of any broadband for speed and reliability, but had its overall score cut for lacking value for money.

Of the larger providers John Lewis and Plusnet got furthest up the table in fourth and fifth place.

Independent ISPs, who have fewer customers to take care of, did better than their larger counterparts, unsurprisingly.

Rochdale’s Zen Internet again won the day with an stunning customer satisfaction score of 85%.

By contrast, TalkTalk bottomed out with a woeful total of 40%.

TalkTalk also remained rooted to the bottom of the list with the worst-rated technical support of any ISP.

Over a fifth of TalkTalk customers called the service ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ in what may prove a crushing blow to the broadband provider’s ambitions.

Each ISP was rated on a star system for its reliability, speed and overall service, with 1,709 customers taking part between June and July 2017.

Sky fell three places to 11th out of 12 compared to the 2016 Which? best broadband survey.

It could only reach average three-star scores for value for money and technical support, pushing it further down the list.

Fewer than half of its broadband customers were happy with the service overall.

Three in four customers would recommend John Lewis broadband to a friend or family, the survey found, with 63%-rated Plusnet scoring well for value, reliability and customer service.

BT, which was slapped with Most Complained About broadband provider in Ofcom’s 2016 survey, failed with its customers averaging only 46% satisfaction.

Vodafone managed 49% while EE and Virgin Media middled-out with 53% and 54% respectively.

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