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Apple patent hints at insane new Mac design

Apple submitted a patent for a futuristic mac design that looks straight out of sci-fi

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Thursday, 30 January, 2020

Innovate not stagnate.

Some have been disappointed with Apple’s direction since the death of its founder, Steve Jobs. Many have accused the design team of laziness with new product designs. Most recently they came under fire for the latest iPhone’s extra camera design.

This week there were leaks of the next generation of iPhone that were deemed ‘outdated’. The next generation design is a return to something similar to the iPhone 5. Moves like this only add fuel to the fire about stagnant design since the loss of Jobs.

Brave new world.

However, it seems critics might be silenced by a future phase of Apple’s products. Eagle eyed tech fans spotted a patent filed by the California company this week that suggest some big changes ahead!

From the submitted design patent it looks like a future iMac might be a large curved glass device. There seems to be an integrated keyboard and trackpad featured with the display on the same body. However that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

It seems like you can remove the computer component itself and attach a Macbook or iPad instead. Some of the other designs also show the keyboard being separable. Effectively making this new iMac a flat pack portable device!

Apple submit hundreds of patents, and not a lot of them end up as real products. Though it is interesting to see the direction they’re moving towards.

Time to listen?

Apple have always maintained a ‘no customisation’ rule for consumers, with their system options impenetrable compared to Windows. So ideas like this seem like Apple have taken on board consumer desires.

Product and platform research generally tends to indicate users want a more personalised experience. Apple’s aesthetic has been vulnerable since the death of Jobs. If the aesthetic of the ‘Apple lifestyle’ isn’t enough to hold loyalty it makes sense to go in this direction.

Futuristic means future.

The idea of slimming the iMac down has been around for a while. Most recently redditors spotted a sleeker version of the iMac listed on the US site. This development only adds more credibility to the likelihood of this new patented design.

However it might be a few years before we see this product available for consumers. Apple are even predicting difficulties launching the new iPhone on time. This is due to production interruptions as a result of the Coronavirus in China.

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Natalie Dunning is a freelance writer and Media Psychology researcher based in Manchester.

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