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Natalie Dunning is a freelance writer and Media Psychology researcher based in Manchester.

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My Wi-Fi! Borat cancelled in Kazakhstan for broadband jokes.

Sacha Baron Cohen is in hot water for mocking Kazakhstan's broadband... among other things.

My Wi-Fi! Borat cancelled in Kazakhstan for broadband jokes. Read more

Young people are making money online in new ways during COVID

Gen Z are beginning to adapt to life under varying degrees of lockdown.

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How to change your router’s DNS settings

Easily improve your broadband speed and security by changing your home network settings.

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Sky to launch high street ‘hubs’.

Broadband and TV giant surprises everyone by returning to the high street.

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Virgin Media giving away powerful Hub 4 upgrades!

Virgin Media are offering some lucky customers a powerful new router.

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How to view tweets from a suspended Twitter account.

Want to share a Tweet with a friend but the account is suspended? Here’s a quick work around!

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Rural broadband scheme FAIL leads to £500,000 broadband quote.

The UK government pledged to get rural communities connected, but at what cost?

Rural broadband scheme FAIL leads to £500,000 broadband quote. Read more

How to clean up your social media accounts without deleting them.

Clean up your online footprint to protect yourself from past mistakes!

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Change your DNS settings for better speeds and security!

This little known trick could drastically improve your browsing.

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Easy ways to introduce messaging and video calling apps with older relatives.

Break down the barriers of lockdown using video chat!

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Homeworking boosts Britain’s productivity.

A new survey finds that the working week is getting done in 4 days!

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Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite broadband helps those hit by wildfires.

The nascent Space X connectivity service steps up for American fire victims.

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Broadband so bad a customer worked from a neighbour’s shed

Poor performance of a Welsh ISP has left customers stealing broadband from neighbours.

Broadband so bad a customer worked from a neighbour’s shed Read more

The best add-ons for video calls

Video calls might feel less awkward now, but they could still be easier. Here are the best add ons for video chats.

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The easiest tech for staying connected with grandparents.

Staying connected is essential, but not always easy for the elderly.

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Piers Morgan ruins the internet for an entire village for months

A mysterious old TV interrupts broadband for a whole village!

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Twitter investigates racial bias in photos

Social platform under fire after users discover algorithm favours images of white people.

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BT trials a new discount scheme in partnership with EE

The two ISPs are offering big savings to some lucky customers.

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What is QAnon and why is social media so worried about it?

The online conspiracy theory retweeted by Trump has platforms cracking down, but why?

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Is Call of Duty bad for the environment?

New survey says that online game playing could be harmful to the environment.

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The UK isn’t interested in Broadband / TV bundles.

A new survey shows our priorities are changing when it comes to bundles.

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Virgin launches an extra cheap package for vulnerable users.

Virgin Media launch budget package for Universal Credit recipients.

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Disney wins the streaming wars during lockdown!

A new report has some unsurprising results...

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33% of UK suffered poor connection during lockdown

A new survey says a third of us have suffered from unreliable internet during the pandemic.

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Should your kids use TikTok?

The video platform faces accusations of spying for the Chinese government.

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Hyperoptic gift broadband to Birmingham children.

Fibre broadband firm provides free laptops to ‘disadvantaged children’ in Birmingham.

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Amazon to launch satellites into space!

Amazon is investing billions in a space program to rival SpaceX.

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Virgin Media promise no broadband price hikes in 2020

Cable broadband provider’s much welcomed price freeze comes in response to COVID-19.

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Twitter bans former KKK leader David Duke

Twitter is cracking down on racism after backlash for lack of action.

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Another Zoom security flaw means hackers may have spied on calls

A previously unknown weakness left users vulnerable to hackers.

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