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Natalie Dunning is a freelance writer and Media Psychology researcher based in Manchester.

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33% of UK suffered poor connection during lockdown

A new survey says a third of us have suffered from unreliable internet during the pandemic.

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Should your kids use TikTok?

The video platform faces accusations of spying for the Chinese government.

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Hyperoptic gift broadband to Birmingham children.

Fibre broadband firm provides free laptops to ‘disadvantaged children’ in Birmingham.

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Amazon to launch satellites into space!

Amazon is investing billions in a space program to rival SpaceX.

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Virgin Media promise no broadband price hikes in 2020

Cable broadband provider’s much welcomed price freeze comes in response to COVID-19.

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Twitter bans former KKK leader David Duke

Twitter is cracking down on racism after backlash for lack of action.

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Another Zoom security flaw means hackers may have spied on calls

A previously unknown weakness left users vulnerable to hackers.

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Google staff to work from home until July 2021

Google have been praised for transparency...for once!

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Amazon boss admits shady data use to the US congress

Jeff Bezos admits to more questionable business practices before congress subcommittee

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Openreach’s rural fibre roll out at risk!

BT warns lack of government support is putting roll out at risk.

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Facebook to investigate racist algorithms.

Facebook looks into biases within the system that allow racism on the site.

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A guide to Big Tech alternatives.

It seems like we’re reliant on a small group of companies, are there alternatives?

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Instagram could become the main news source for young people.

Reuters finds changes in the way younger users consume the news.

Instagram could become the main news source for young people. Read more

BT launches second line service

BT launches second broadband home line service for the new crop of home workers.

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Best broadband areas for online gaming in the UK.

A list of the best areas for online gaming has just been released.

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Study unsurprisingly shows WiFi usage increased during lockdown.

A study by Opensignal found wifi usage increased but 4G speeds fell.

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What is Signal and why are protesters using it?

WhatsApp has lost it's status as privacy go-to since Facebook's acquisition.

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How to make a custom background on Zoom.

Bored of your living room? Why not take a virtual trip?

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How to get around the 40 minute limit on Zoom.

Zoom’s free service is a game changer, but the 40 minute limit is an issue.

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Zoom might not be as safe as you think!

Zoom has become an essential tool during lockdown, but there are risks.

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5G conspiracy theories cause chaos, but why?

More 5G towers have been vandalised in the UK, why are people so scared?

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How to work from home in your garden – the ultimate problem solver.

The ultimate guide to topping up your tan without missing a deadline.

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Hackers are more active under lockdown

Hacking and scamming on the increase as more people are working from home.

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Zoom burnout? You are not alone.

If Zoom is supposed to be a lifeline during these times, why are we all so sick of it?

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UK ISPs remove data caps during pandemic

The UK’s biggest broadband providers have agreed not to limit internet allowances during the current crisis.

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What are ISPs and internet services doing to help during the Coronavirus crisis?

Total lockdown expected - can ISP’s and internet services offer any help?

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BT confirm Gigabit broadband!

BT confirm the launch of their Gigabit home broadband package for Spring 2020!

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How will Coronavirus affect broadband?

With more people working from home will broadband providers feel the pressure?

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New study shows how much parents rely on the internet.

A study from TalkTalk reveals how much parents rely on the internet to help their children with homework.

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Could Netflix shows cause chaos in your smart home?

A new study investigates whether smart speakers can accidentally record your conversations.

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