Natalie Dunning

Natalie Dunning is a freelance writer and Media Psychology researcher based in Manchester.

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You need a password manager to keep you safe online

LastPass isn’t the only password manager out there.

You need a password manager to keep you safe onlineYou need a password manager to keep you safe online Read more

TV licence to be scrapped after superfast broadband?

The battle between TV and internet might finally have a winner.

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TalkTalk creates jobs for young people affected by pandemic.

Major ISP has pledged to create 50 jobs to help young people.

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How to get free broadband for home schooling during lockdown

A government scheme is offering help for online learning

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How secure are your smart devices?

Are you being smart about your smart home devices?

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Brits don’t trust small Broadband ISPs, but why?

Are Brits too scared to shop around for a better broadband deal?

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How to read the news

In a world of fake news and online conspiracy theories, knowing fact from fiction is more important than ever!

How to read the newsHow to read the news Read more

How to check if your security software even works.

Here are some top tips to help you check up on your security checkup.

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ISP’s brace for Christmas gaming surge

New survey shows PS5 and Xbox X use might cause Christmas Day internet traffic surges.

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Google outage causes global standstill

Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube went down for an hour on Monday morning and it was terrifying or amazing.

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How to become a top Google result.

Get more attention online with these simple tricks.

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How to monetise your YouTube channel

Some YouTube stars earn millions every year, but they all started somewhere.

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How to recover lost files from the cloud.

Now if only these tricks worked for your house keys / glasses / wallet.

How to recover lost files from the cloud.How to recover lost files from the cloud. Read more

Is your Microsoft Account being sold by hackers?

A hacker is selling a batch of Microsoft passwords for hundreds of dollars.

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Amazon Sidewalk means your Alexa could become a public network?

New feature could link smart home devices across households.

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Top 10 Time Saving Hacks for Macs.

Don't mug yourself. Speed things up with these handy hints for macOS.

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Top 10 Time Saving Hacks for Windows

Save enough time with these hacks for a sneaky early finish!

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The best Black Friday deals might not be what they seem

Don’t let the excitement of Black Friday leave you vulnerable to scams!

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PS5 beats Xbox to cause internet traffic jams.

The new PS5 almost broke the internet...sort of!

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How to start a Patreon

In 2020, making money online is more important than ever, here’s one way of doing it!

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How to avoid any embarrassing Zoom call fails!

Avoid any mishaps on work calls or virtual pub quizzes!

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Best shows coming to Netflix and Amazon to hibernate with this winter

The best escapism streaming platforms have to offer during winter under lockdown.

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Sky offers Ultrafast FTTP package for existing customers

Good news for Sky customers old and new!

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My Wi-Fi! Borat cancelled in Kazakhstan for broadband jokes.

Sacha Baron Cohen is in hot water for mocking Kazakhstan's broadband... among other things.

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Young people are making money online in new ways during COVID

Gen Z are beginning to adapt to life under varying degrees of lockdown.

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How to change your router’s DNS settings

Easily improve your broadband speed and security by changing your home network settings.

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Sky to launch high street ‘hubs’.

Broadband and TV giant surprises everyone by returning to the high street.

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Virgin Media giving away powerful Hub 4 upgrades!

Virgin Media are offering some lucky customers a powerful new router.

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How to view tweets from a suspended Twitter account.

Want to share a Tweet with a friend but the account is suspended? Here’s a quick work around!

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Rural broadband scheme FAIL leads to £500,000 broadband quote.

The UK government pledged to get rural communities connected, but at what cost?

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