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Broadband News

Catch up with the latest news in broadband and telecoms.

How will Coronavirus affect broadband?

With more people working from home will broadband providers feel the pressure?

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New study shows how much parents rely on the internet.

A study from TalkTalk reveals how much parents rely on the internet to help their children with homework.

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Could Netflix shows cause chaos in your smart home?

A new study investigates whether smart speakers can accidentally record your conversations.

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The best broadband deals – February 2020.

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Ofcom enforce end-of-contract notification to save consumers from ‘loyalty penalty’

ISP regulator sets out new rules to save consumers from being ripped off.

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Storm Dennis causes major damage – is your broadband affected?

As the UK is battered by yet more storms, internet outages may be a common problem.

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Talk Talk say gaming puts strain on network

ISP say they anticipate strain on network around the release of major games like Call of Duty.

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Virgin Media extends offer on broadband boosting mesh!

The cable broadband provider offer wifi booster to more customers following successful trials.

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Sky Broadband pledge to go zero carbon by 2030.

ISP Sky joins UK providers in pledge to become carbon neutral - with the most ambitious target yet.

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Ofcom crack down on broadband speed estimates.

Move means greater accuracy for consumers shopping for speed, but not for all - yet.

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Apple patent hints at insane new Mac design

Apple submitted a patent for a futuristic mac design that looks straight out of sci-fi

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World broadband prices league table puts UK to shame

The 2020 global league table for broadband prices shows best deal in... Syria!?

World broadband prices league table puts UK to shame Read more

Why is the UK worried about Huawei and what does this mean for 5G?

The Huawei controversy continues as Boris Johnson says we ‘will not risk British security”.

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Unmissable streaming TV shows for 2020

Telly has moved online - let's dive in to the most bingeworthy releases due this year!

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The most complained about home broadband services

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Brits spend up to 4.9 hours surfing the web at work!

Over half describe themselves as “faffers”, wasting hours online during work.

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Scottish government to pay for residents’ superfast broadband.

Missed fibre rollout target sees vouchers offered to connect everyone.

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Beware of this Firefox security flaw!

Mozilla has found a severe flaw in Firefox that could allow hackers to control your computer.

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Twitter controversy as ‘reply block’ announced.

Social platform announce new plans to tackle trolling, bots and cyberbullying.

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Virgin to ‘banish buffering’ with free speed boost for customers!

Cable broadband provider to start the year with a free speed increase to a million customers.

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New Year, New Deals!

Make the most of the post-Christmas deals offered by ISP’s while they last!

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How will Brexit affect Broadband?

With the UK set to leave the EU by the end of January we look at how it will affect Broadband.

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What does the General Election result mean for broadband in the UK?

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It’s getting even easier to switch broadband provider

Ofcom make welcome changes for broadband and mobile customers.

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New monthly pass from BT Sport means matches for everyone

BT's new subscription service brings Champion's League matches to non-BT customers

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Millionaire sues building owners for £100k over poor broadband.

The owner of a multi-million pound flat is suing the building owner over poor broadband!

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Whatever happened to Internet.org?

Mark Zuckerberg's ambitious universal internet accessibility project was big news back in 2013

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EE turn on 5G in new locations!

2019 is the year of superfast connections, as even more towns and cities get superfast 5G!

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Should you get Disney +?

Disney launched their streaming platform in the US this month with a UK release in Spring 2020, is it living up to the hype?

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