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Twitter bans former KKK leader David Duke

Twitter is cracking down on racism after backlash for lack of action.

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Another Zoom security flaw means hackers may have spied on calls

A previously unknown weakness left users vulnerable to hackers.

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Google staff to work from home until July 2021

Google have been praised for transparency...for once!

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Amazon boss admits shady data use to the US congress

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Openreach’s rural fibre roll out at risk!

BT warns lack of government support is putting roll out at risk.

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Facebook to investigate racist algorithms.

Facebook looks into biases within the system that allow racism on the site.

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Why is the UK’s broadband infrastructure so patchy?

Britain's broadband is an amalgam of cabling and connections stretching back many decades

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Has Disney+ been a success?

With millions of Disney+ contracts already taken out, the Disney Corporation’s expansion into on-demand media has been an unqualified success

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What the fourth industrial revolution means for you

Another technological revolution may sound like a far-flung concept, but it’s going to transform our lives in the near future...

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Home broadband speeds are improving – but how quickly?

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Does every new home now have gigabit broadband access?

Housebuilders will soon be legally obligated to ensure new homes receive gigabit broadband access, preparing residents for a connected future

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The biggest malware threats of 2020…so far

It’s been a year few of us will forget in a hurry, and we're only halfway through.

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Instagram could become the main news source for young people.

Reuters finds changes in the way younger users consume the news.

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BT launches second line service

BT launches second broadband home line service for the new crop of home workers.

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Best broadband areas for online gaming in the UK.

A list of the best areas for online gaming has just been released.

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What will 6GHz home broadband mean for consumers?

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Study unsurprisingly shows WiFi usage increased during lockdown.

A study by Opensignal found wifi usage increased but 4G speeds fell.

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What is Signal and why are protesters using it?

WhatsApp has lost it's status as privacy go-to since Facebook's acquisition.

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What is the splinternet of things?

The internet is increasingly fractured - is the IoT doomed to fail?

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Zoom might not be as safe as you think!

Zoom has become an essential tool during lockdown, but there are risks.

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5G conspiracy theories cause chaos, but why?

More 5G towers have been vandalised in the UK, why are people so scared?

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Hackers are more active under lockdown

Hacking and scamming on the increase as more people are working from home.

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Can home working ever replace commuting?

For millions of UK workers, Spring 2020 has been a wake-up call to the realities of the home office.

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How does the UK’s full fibre connectivity compare to European countries?

Election promises feel like ancient history... how does our broadband stack up?

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Zoom burnout? You are not alone.

If Zoom is supposed to be a lifeline during these times, why are we all so sick of it?

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Working from home in rural areas: a how-to guide

It's not so much a novelty as a necessity - yet rural workers often suffer the worst levels of internet connectivity.

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Why the HBO Max streaming service isn’t coming to the UK

Lockdown has coincided with an unprecedented golden age of on-demand broadcasting - so where is HBO?

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Can you run a business from a laptop?

Does increased portability make up for what laptops lack in hardware power?

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Lockdown offers broadband customers time to renegotiate

Fast, dependable broadband is suddenly more important than ever.

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To Disney+ or not to Disney+

Now is the perfect time to get on board the latest streaming platform

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