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How to boost your laptop or tablet’s sound quality

Laptop sound quality is a recurring issue, as it is with many tablets, but there are ways to get closer to concert audio levels or cinema-worthy output

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Why do broadband speeds tend to be quoted as 11, 35 or 64Mbps?

Standard broadband speeds tend to be clustered around a few key numbers, but there are good reasons for this consistency among rival ISPs

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How to improve your online security in five minutes

You don’t need an IT qualification to stay safe on the internet – it’s possible to improve your online security in a few minutes with some basic housekeeping

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Choosing a desk or workstation for the perfect home office

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Which ISP has the fastest home broadband connections?

It's worthwhile to consider which providers can claim to deliver the fastest broadband connections to homes around the UK

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How to get free broadband for home schooling during lockdown

A government scheme is offering help for online learning

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How secure are your smart devices?

Are you being smart about your smart home devices?

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How to handle broadband billing disputes

Broadband billing disputes are relatively rare, but they have the potential to permanently sour a relationship with an ISP

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How energy efficient is your broadband?

There might not seem to be many parallels between power and internet connectivity, but energy efficient broadband can be measured and analysed

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Five easy ways to improve your home broadband network’s security

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Ten steps for changing broadband providers

There are many reasons for changing broadband providers, but following a logical path from old to new should simplify the switchover immensely

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What the end of Flash means for computer users

The end of Flash has been widely trailed, but it could leave PC users in particular at something of a disadvantage

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How to read the news

In a world of fake news and online conspiracy theories, knowing fact from fiction is more important than ever!

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How to check if your security software even works.

Here are some top tips to help you check up on your security checkup.

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How to find great photographs online

Being able to find great photographs online can transform your website, social media timelines and online presence – especially if you’re not a natural photographer

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How vulnerable to broadband outages is smart security tech?

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Tips for speeding up home broadband on Christmas Day

When families come together, bandwidth slows down, so it’s helpful to prepare for Christmas Day by speeding up home broadband

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Who are Openreach, and why are they so significant?

It’s important for consumers to understand who are Openreach working on behalf of when they undertake broadband works or agree to connect a telephone line

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How to become a top Google result.

Get more attention online with these simple tricks.

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What is binary data?

We talk about binary data all the time, but it’s not immediately obvious what this term means – or how it’s measured

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Tips for effective home product photography

Effective home product photography can make the difference between a successful or struggling small business

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Top 10 things to look out for when buying your next laptop

There are several key laptop specs which you should be aware of when hunting for a new portable PC or Mac

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Are paid VPNs better than free ones?

There is a lot of confusion about the relative merits of free or paid VPNs, but the decision often comes down to a choice between privacy or affordability

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How to switch off after spending the day online

Being able to disconnect from the internet is a real challenge, but it’s vital for preserving our mental and physical wellbeing and safety

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How to monetise your YouTube channel

Some YouTube stars earn millions every year, but they all started somewhere.

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Top tips for getting broadband on a budget

There are many ways of getting cheaper broadband, but it’s important to ensure you don’t compromise your connectivity just to save money

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How to recover lost files from the cloud.

Now if only these tricks worked for your house keys / glasses / wallet.

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How to choose broadband for a second home

If you want to choose broadband for a second home, different criteria apply to your main family residence

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Top 10 Time Saving Hacks for Macs.

Don't mug yourself. Speed things up with these handy hints for macOS.

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Top 10 Time Saving Hacks for Windows

Save enough time with these hacks for a sneaky early finish!

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