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Ways to get broadband without a credit check

There are various reasons why you might want to get broadband without a credit check – we explain how to go about it

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How do you deliver broadband to an island?

Broadband in island communities can be a hit-and-miss affair, not helped by the UK’s awkward geography and topology

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The UK’s best cities for working from home

New evidence has revealed the best cities for working from home or setting up a new business, including some surprising candidates

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Ten ways to improve SEO on a personal or company website

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How do docking stations work?

Docking stations combine the portability of a laptop with the practicality of a desktop computer

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Ten quick ways to boost PC performance

There are plenty of ways to boost PC performance, extending the lifespan and improving the practicality of these essential machines

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Five tips for keeping children safe online

With so much of our lives dependent on internet access, keeping children safe online is more important than ever

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A brief history of the PC

Having been elevated to essential-purchase status by the internet, the history of the PC is as fascinating as the machine itself is mundane

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How to share limited broadband bandwidth

There are many ways to maximise the practicality of limited broadband bandwidth, reducing stress and frustration among people living together

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You need a password manager to keep you safe online

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How can you tell if you’re overpaying for broadband?

It’s often difficult to identify if you’re overpaying for broadband, but studying both your bill and your typical usage can provide useful pointers

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Five things to do with an old PC

There are many things to do with an old PC, from dismantling and destroying it to refurbishing or restoring it to factory settings

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Do all new homes come with full fibre broadband as standard?

An increasing number of new homes come with full fibre broadband, but it’s not something you can take for granted

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How densely populated is the UK?

The question of how densely populated is the UK takes on particular significance when it comes to broadband availability

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How to boost your laptop or tablet’s sound quality

Laptop sound quality is a recurring issue, as it is with many tablets, but there are ways to get closer to concert audio levels or cinema-worthy output

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Why do broadband speeds tend to be quoted as 11, 35 or 64Mbps?

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How to improve your online security in five minutes

You don’t need an IT qualification to stay safe on the internet – it’s possible to improve your online security in a few minutes with some basic housekeeping

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Choosing a desk or workstation for the perfect home office

Choosing a desk or workstation can make a huge difference to your productivity, especially with millions of Brits set to work from home for many months

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Which ISP has the fastest home broadband connections?

It's worthwhile to consider which providers can claim to deliver the fastest broadband connections to homes around the UK

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How to get free broadband for home schooling during lockdown

A government scheme is offering help for online learning

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How secure are your smart devices?

Are you being smart about your smart home devices?

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How to handle broadband billing disputes

Broadband billing disputes are relatively rare, but they have the potential to permanently sour a relationship with an ISP

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How energy efficient is your broadband?

There might not seem to be many parallels between power and internet connectivity, but energy efficient broadband can be measured and analysed

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Five easy ways to improve your home broadband network’s security

In an age of endemic cybercrime and phishing, it’s vitally important to improve your home broadband security to minimise any risk of fraud or impersonation

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Ten steps for changing broadband providers

There are many reasons for changing broadband providers, but following a logical path from old to new should simplify the switchover immensely

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What the end of Flash means for computer users

The end of Flash has been widely trailed, but it could leave PC users in particular at something of a disadvantage

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How to read the news

In a world of fake news and online conspiracy theories, knowing fact from fiction is more important than ever!

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How to check if your security software even works.

Here are some top tips to help you check up on your security checkup.

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How to find great photographs online

Being able to find great photographs online can transform your website, social media timelines and online presence – especially if you’re not a natural photographer

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How vulnerable to broadband outages is smart security tech?

Many people will be receiving smart security tech for Christmas, but broadband outages can be a significant problem

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