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Are paid VPNs better than free ones?

There is a lot of confusion about the relative merits of free or paid VPNs, but the decision often comes down to a choice between privacy or affordability

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How to switch off after spending the day online

Being able to disconnect from the internet is a real challenge, but it’s vital for preserving our mental and physical wellbeing and safety

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How to monetise your YouTube channel

Some YouTube stars earn millions every year, but they all started somewhere.

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Top tips for getting broadband on a budget

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How to recover lost files from the cloud.

Now if only these tricks worked for your house keys / glasses / wallet.

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How to choose broadband for a second home

If you want to choose broadband for a second home, different criteria apply to your main family residence

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Top 10 Time Saving Hacks for Macs.

Don't mug yourself. Speed things up with these handy hints for macOS.

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Top 10 Time Saving Hacks for Windows

Save enough time with these hacks for a sneaky early finish!

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How to squeeze a home office into a small space

Creating a home office in a small space might seem ambitious, but modern technology can support workspaces in the most unlikely places

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The best Black Friday deals might not be what they seem

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How do all-in-one PCs work?

Like laptops, all-in-one PCs are space-saving devices which cram a considerable amount of hardware into a compact desk-friendly chassis

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How housebuilders fit high-speed broadband in new homes

Full-fibre broadband in new builds is becoming commonplace as developers tempt potential purchasers with ultrafast connectivity

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How to turn a spare room into a home office

With lockdown resumed in England, millions may need to work remotely

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FACT: You don’t have to use the wifi router your ISP supplies

ISP branded routers are often disappointingly cheap and inefficient - switching could make a huge difference

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How to acquire a domain name that’s already been registered

You may not think it’s possible to get that dream domain if someone beat you to it...

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Home broadband from mobile operators

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How to create a home office in the garden

In the first in a series of working-from-home features, we consider how to create a home office in the garden

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How a cheap webcam cover could save you from extortion threats

Protecting your webcam is a simple step, but it could provide valuable peace of mind if you start receiving blackmail emails

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Zoom, Teams or Meet?

Making a choice between Zoom, Teams or Meet is often a matter of personal preference, depending on your integration with existing software

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Getting started with OneDrive

Microsoft’s cloud storage system isn’t the most intuitive, but it’s powerful and is integrated into Windows 10

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How to start a Patreon

In 2020, making money online is more important than ever, here’s one way of doing it!

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How to improve online password security

There are easy ways to improve online password security, which remains a troublesome aspect of the online experience for many people

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How to avoid any embarrassing Zoom call fails!

Avoid any mishaps on work calls or virtual pub quizzes!

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What can you still do with the BBC Red Button?

The BBC Red Button has earned a reprieve, but what does this interactive text service allow you to do?

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How to change your router’s DNS settings

Easily improve your broadband speed and security by changing your home network settings.

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How to view tweets from a suspended Twitter account.

Want to share a Tweet with a friend but the account is suspended? Here’s a quick work around!

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Staying safe on social media

As people become increasingly aware of how much data they’re sharing online, staying safe on social media is becoming a hot topic

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What is a mailer daemon?

Despite its rather sinister name, a mailer daemon is a vital component of email delivery – the bearer of bad news when a message can’t be delivered

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What is bandwidth, and how does it help with broadband?

Bandwidth and broadband are often conflated, so knowing the difference between the two will help to ensure your next broadband deal is suitable for your needs

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How to clean up your social media accounts without deleting them.

Clean up your online footprint to protect yourself from past mistakes!

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