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Change your DNS settings for better speeds and security!

This little known trick could drastically improve your browsing.

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How to avoid buying a bad computer

It’s easy to avoid buying a bad computer nowadays, even if you’re not confident about a particular device’s technical specifications or your own requirements

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Easy ways to introduce messaging and video calling apps with older relatives.

Break down the barriers of lockdown using video chat!

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The easiest tech for staying connected with grandparents.

Staying connected is essential, but not always easy for the elderly.

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Why does Hull not have BT or Openreach infrastructure?

Telephone services and broadband in Hull are different to the rest of the country, owing to a curious historic anomaly

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Getting started with BritBox

BritBox is the latest entrant to the increasingly crowded streaming media sector, but what does it offer and how easy is it to navigate?

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Is my broadband tax-deductible?

With millions of people now working from home, it’s important to understand whether your broadband is tax-deductible or not

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Using the Tor app

The Tor app provides a smartphone-friendly way to keep your home broadband activities below the radar of cookies, search engines and even the authorities

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Common broadband customer service issues – and how to respond

We consider some of the most common broadband customer service issues, identifying ways to respond to them and help resolve them

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What are the best productivity apps for a pandemic?

With the pandemic forcing us to spend more time at home, what are the best productivity apps for work and play?

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How to choose a new website address

It’s often an afterthought when launching a new online platform, but it’s crucial to choose a new website address which helps it stand out in a congested market

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How to live without home broadband (temporarily)

The prospect of living without home broadband may seem daunting, but it’s surprisingly easy to manage short-term with advanced planning

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How to tell native advertising from normal content

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Common blogging mistakes – and how to avoid them

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The biggest drawbacks of online gaming, and how to tackle them

There are various drawbacks of online gaming from both a technical and financial perspective, but every issue has a resolution

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What size of computer monitor should I choose?

There is fierce debate about the optimal monitor size, and the conclusion often depends on your own requirements and tastes

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Why fast broadband could help you sell your home

The connection between broadband and house prices may not be obvious, but connection speeds have a tangible effect on your home’s desirability

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Making sense of your first broadband bill

It can be difficult making sense of your first broadband bill, with a variety of different charges potentially applicable at once

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Making the most of Instagram

Making the most of Instagram involves delving beyond the basics of posting and liking photos, to open up this sprawling platform’s true potential

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The history of two factor authentication

Despite being an occasional annoyance, two factor authentication has been developed to optimise personal safety while online

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How to work al fresco without losing productivity

Working outside productively represents one of the most compelling advantages of working from home, though it poses some specific challenges

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Why are PC towers so big and bulky?

It may seem odd that PC towers are still on sale, yet these powerful machines retain a loyal audience and some desirable characteristics

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A beginner’s guide to Linux

For decades, Linux has provided an alternative to the Windows and MacOS operating systems, and it also powers the Android smartphone platform

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What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a powerful tool when used creatively, even though it’s responsible for some of the most irritating content on the internet

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Why cost isn’t the only reason to switch broadband provider

There are various reasons why you might decide to switch broadband provider, and cost – though important – is by no means the only one

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What causes broadband outages?

Broadband outages can have a number of causes, and correctly identifying them is invaluable for managing without connectivity – or getting it restored

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How Prestel preceded the modern-day internet

There may not seem to be much connection between Prestel and the internet, but the Post Office’s communications platform was effectively Web 1.0

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